In Full Control

Control Box 2.0

AAA-LUX introduces a new control system for LED lighting. “Control Box 2.0” is easy to operate and install and has practical diagnostic possibilities.

Ease of use

The Control Box 2.0 is a New addition to the AAA-LUX family. It has been designed with the end user in mind, with the added bonus that it is integrate able across non AAA-LUX fields as well!

What does this mean for you? If you have a Metal Halide lit field or are using other LED lights, you can now have full control at the touch of a button, thanks to the Control Box 2.0.

Onsite operation of your field has never been easier via the touchscreen and/or switchbox.

Do you often get a last minute booking, or perhaps the field is a washout? Now you can remotely turn your lights on and off or adjust the lighting level to suit, all from the comfort of your home, using the AAApp.

Putting the ‘Smart’ in Smart Cities, the Control Box 2.0 can link up with your own in-house management systems, other software packages, or, can stand alone. Sensors can also be connected to the Control Box 2.0, such as an astronomical clock (should there be a licensing restriction) or a daylight sensor for limiting the time when the light can be used.

Easy installation and Maintenance

The system has standardized software and commissioning that makes it easy to install.

Maintenance of your lighting has never been easier, with real time, easy to read diagnostics such as incoming voltage or luminaire temperatures. This allows a club or installer to quickly scan the system for servicing, and if required, AAA-LUX is able to read the system remotely as well!


In the age of the Smart City, it only makes sense for the power to be in your hands! You can now monitor power consumption of your lights, see how much energy a field or park has consumed on a certain day, week or month and adjust where necessary.

A Smart Solution

Combine the Control Box 2 with the latest in LED technology, specifically built for Australian conditions, and you have a match made in Sporting heaven!

Direct from the Netherlands, introducing the GEN6!

A wireless, light weight LED lighting solution, AAA-LUX has been in the business of lighting fields and courts for over 12 years and the 6th generation light is the leader in it’s field!

Cockatoos are one of nature’s major headaches when it comes to LED lights, and bird spiking just doesn’t work effectively enough! Whilst other lights have their cabling on the outside, the GEN6 has internal cabling, giving the luminaires protection from cockatoo invasions and saving you time and money in replacements!

The GEN6, along with the driver, is lightweight compared to it’s counterparts. At a 15 degree tilt, the windage is only 0.17, making the GEN6 a perfect retrofit solution for existing poles and also the perfect choice when saving money on engineering new poles!

AAA-LUX understands the costs involved in building a brand new, or up-grading the services of a field. This is why the GEN6 is the most cost effective solution. There is no need for additional cabling, doing away with the cost of plant equipment, hundreds of metres of additional cables, plus man hours and the like. The wireless control system is easy to install and integrate, plus the team at AREALUX are available to answer any and all questions as well as assist in commissioning.

Call us today and let us show you your new lighting solution!


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