PRODUCT NAME & CODE:            WS Series Luminaires including WS100, WS150, WS200, WS220, WS230, WS250, WS300,                                                                 WS600, WSSTAD01, WSSTAD02, WSSTAD03, WSSTAD04, WS400, WS410, WS420

                                                             AL Series Luminaires including AL60, AL90, AL180, AL70, AL360

                                                             JT Series Luminaires including JT01, JT02

1.                      DEFINITIONS

1.1.                 In these Terms unless the context requires otherwise the following expressions shall have the following meanings                                       respectively;

                      1.1.1.    “AREALUX” means AREALUX Pty Ltd (ACN 621 826 560).

                      1.1.2.    “Australian Consumer Law” means the law as set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

                      1.1.3.    “Burning Hours” are defined as the total hours that the input voltage is applied to the luminaires, including                                                 stand-by mode.

                      1.1.4.    "Customer” means the Customer which purchases the Goods.

                      1.1.5.    “Goods" means any goods and/or services supplied by AREALUX to the Customer.

                      1.1.6.    “Normal Use” means a maximum of 1,000 Burning Hours yearly for WS Series luminaires and 4,000 Burning                                            Hours yearly for AL Series and JT Series luminaires.

                      1.1.7.    “Owner” means the owner of the property in which the Goods are installed.

                      1.1.8.    "Terms" means these Trading Terms and Conditions.

2.                      STORAGE

2.1.                   As stated in the Terms, once the Goods have been delivered to the Customer, the Customer shall become responsible for                           Goods.

2.2.                   The Customer acknowledges that the Goods will be stored in cool and dry conditions.

3.                      INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE

3.1.                   Installation of the Goods is to be completed in accordance with the Installation Guide AAA-LUX LED Luminaire by an                           authorised and licensed electrician to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and any other applicable regulations.

3.2.                   Installation and electrical termination of the Goods must be in a manner that ensures the maintenance of the designated                           IP rating.

3.3.                   Maintenance must be conducted in accordance with the User Manual AAA-LUX LED Luminaire and AAA-LUX                                     Technical Paper TP11 – Maintenance Guidance for AAA-LUX Luminaires.

4.                      WARRANTY

4.1.                   Nothing in this Warranty affects the Customer’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

4.2.                   If AREALUX is not deemed the manufacturer of the Goods under the Australian Consumer Law, then the warranty of                             the actual manufacturer of the Goods is the only warranty given in respect of the Goods and the Warranty in this clause                             does not apply.

4.3.                   AREALUX warrants that the Goods will be free of manufacturing defects and will perform to AREALUX’s specifications                           subject to the following subclauses.

4.4.                   The Warranty extends only to the Customer or Owner for the duration of the relevant Warranty Period noted in clause                             4.7.

4.5.                   The Warranty commences on the date of the completion of the purchase of the Goods by the Customer or the date of                               delivery whichever is earlier.

4.6.                   The Warranty benefits the Owner until the expiry of the following warranty period:

                         4.6.1.    Standard Warranty period for all AAA-LUX luminaire parts including driver is 5 years at Normal Use.

4.7.                   If within the Warranty Period a manufacturing defect is discovered in the Goods or the Goods fail to perform to                                       AREALUX’s specifications as a result of some defect in material or workmanship then AREALUX will, at its option,                                 repair the Goods, or supply replacement Goods free of charge, or issue a credit note for the Goods.

4.8.                   The Warranty will not apply to Goods:

                         4.8.1.    installed or maintained in any way contrary to instructions outlined in clause 3; or

                         4.8.2.    operated in any way contrary to any operating instructions or outside Normal Use; or

                         4.8.3.    subjected to misuse, neglect, negligence, accidental damage or damage caused by forces of nature; or

                         4.8.4.    alterations, modifications, amendments or unapproved repairs made prior to or after installation; or

                         4.8.5.    use of unauthorised parts or peripherals prior to or after installation.

4.9.                   The Warranty does not apply to faulty or defective design of the Goods unless AREALUX has designed the Goods and                             expressly accepts responsibility for the design in writing.

5.                      WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE

5.1.                  In order to make a claim under the Warranty, the Customer/Owner must:

                        5.1.1.    Contact AREALUX in writing detailing the nature of the claim.

                        5.1.2.    AREALUX will supply a Return Authorisation Request form which will outline the terms and instructions for                                           the return of the Goods.

5.2.                  AREALUX will examine any returned Goods and if it is determined that they are defective through no fault of the                                    Owner and are otherwise undamaged, AREALUX will repair or replace or issue a credit note for the Goods in accordance                          with the Warranty.

5.3.                   The Owner will be notified by AREALUX of the validity of the claim of any returned Goods within a reasonable time of                           return.

5.4.                   It is at AREALUX’s sole discretion to accept or reject any Goods which have not been returned strictly in accordance                                 with this Warranty.

5.5.                   The Owner will be responsible for all costs of returning Goods to AREALUX and for redelivery of the Goods (whether                             original or repaired and/or replacement Goods) by AREALUX and any other expenses of the Owner in claiming under                             the Warranty.

5.6.                   AREALUX will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Goods occurring while the Goods are in transit (either                             on return to AREALUX or upon redelivery to the Owner of the original or repaired and/or replacement Goods).

5.7.                   The original Warranty Period will apply to any Goods that have been replaced or repaired as part of an approved claim.

6.                      AAA-LUX SERVICE LEAFLET

6.1.                   AAA-LUX Service Leaflet 1 – Warranty for AAA-LUX Products.


10 year Extended Warranty available upon request